Vote for Patrick Malloy
 The Democratic Party Nominee
for United States House Of Representatives
California's 50th District

It is time for a change.  As a real estate specialist, Patrick Malloy is expert at seeing the aspirations of young families and making their dreams materialize.  Patrick has dreams for southern California including investments in infrastructure to repair roads, provide clean water, streamline transportation systems, and even bury power lines to reduce wildfires. Patrick will initiate a bipartisan bill to rebuild crumbling infrastructure and create local jobs during his first month in office

Our country has done it before with Eisenhower's interstate highway system and Kennedy's race to the moon. We need a congress with inspiration, vision, and ready to work.

Patrick’s priorities match our community needs.  Isn’t it time for inspiration, intelligence, and vision in Congress?  Patrick Malloy, a proven leader, has all of these.  He will be a fresh, thoughtful, positive voice in Congress.  Give Malloy a chance, and together we can pursue the American Dream.                                                   

CD 50
California's 50th Congressional District CD50 

Vote Patrick Malloy for US Congress.


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