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As I stated in your Sample Ballot, I'm already against the next War. We spend way too much money overseas on other peoples problems when we have problems right here at home. 

Impeachment: Within minutes of being elected, I will submit Articles of Impeachment of Donald J. Trump. I believe in Due Process of the Law, and Checks and Balances. No citizen is above the law. Congress has the ability to subpoena any citizen, and Impeachment is the vehicle that the framers of our Constitution intended to stand truth up to power. We all, himself included, deserve a chance to set the record straight, under Oath.

Gun Safety:  We could Register, License and Insure Guns as we do Cars. If we can register over 263 million cars in the US, and instantly identify who owns it, who's insured to drive it, and whether or not its being operated safely we can do the same with Guns. Driving is a priviledge, one that can be easily taken away, and needs to be the same with weapons. 

I will propose such Legislation in Congress on your behalf to have a shared Federal Registry, and allow for States Rights to issue Licensing and Insurance Mandates. It is in this way that a local authority can obtain a warrant, and impound a weapon of an at risk individual.

I stand for the immediate reinstatement of the Assault Weapons ban, and a swift restructure of our Licensing, Registering, Purchasing and Ownership requirements within Individual States and a Shared Federal Database.

Universal Healthcare: If Canada can offer basic healthcare to all it's citizens for $35 a month, so can we. Today's Middle Class is living paycheck to paycheck, unable to save for retirement. Over 650,000 US Citizens will go "Medical Bankrupt" this year. Instead of wasting upwards of $600/mo. on healthcare insurance, and rolling the dice on when you can use it, Universal Healthcare or Medicare for All puts that money back in your pocket.

Immigration Reform: We don't need a Wall. We need to make it so that people who overstay their welcome can't easily obtain drivers licenses, bank accounts, work under the table and stay here indefinitely. We need to repeat the Regan Administration's Amnesty Program and let people make it right with the system. Simultaneously, we need to revamp the E-Verify System which only verifys the document used for employment authorization and not the bearer and after Amnesty expires, let our officers do their jobs. 

Jobs: Why are we blowing billions of dollars overseas rebuilding their bridges, roads and schools? The best way to help the Middle Class and those who aspire to get into it is with a good paying job. The fastest way to get someone off of Unemployment is with a Job. The Federal Jobs Guarantee, insures that your tax dollars are recycled back to your community here, not overseas, to re-invigorate your local economy. We have tons of work to do here, hiring Vets and locals first to: bury hazardous wooden telephone poles in the East County and prepare for the next fire season, to duplicate the water reclamation plant we have in Santee, and build solar farms in the back country. The best way to fight the War for Oil, is to make Peace Profitable with Jobs. Investing Federal dollars for jobs in Solar, Hydro, and Wind works on the balance sheet, and is part of how we can wean ourselves off of oil dependance abroad. We do a lot of things right. It's time to do them right here, right now. 

Vote Patrick Malloy for US Congress.


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